Videography for all levels

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Videography For All Levels

Instructor-  Graeme CarlisleKarl Howe and Robbie Peters

Join our Auckland or Wellington based Professional Photographers for a 'Hands On' Videography Workshop. We create bespoke One on One workshops based on your level, teaching you how to use your equipment and create video footage. 


1. Beginners knowledge of a DSLR camera - Manual understanding of camera settings
2. We recommend a digital DSLR camera or handheld video cam
3. Memory cards
4. Charged battery
5. Tripod
6. Lots of energy
7. Comfortable shoes and dress for the weather
8. Camera hire by arrangement please Contact Us before booking to avoid disappointment
9. Minimum age 13 (minors must been accompanied by an adult)


This videography One on One workshop is for all levels so whether you are a Beginner or more Advanced our approach is fun, fresh, creative and takes an inspirational approach to learning this wonderful craft.
We have a practical approach to teaching photographic and technical skills and will show you how to simply navigate your way around the menu's. By the end of the day you will feel confident and know the videos you are taking are not by luck but by your judgement and skill.
Our workshops also have the luxury of several Canon cameras and lenses for you to borrow, so you may be looking to upgrade your equipment or just wish to see what another lens could do for your photography.

Learn about:
1.Your DLSR or Video camera functions
2.What frames per second and shutter angle are, and how to correctly set them
3.What ISO is and how it relates to film
4.The basics of picture composition
5.Introduction to camera movement
6.The basics of how to light, texture and colour your film 
7.How to use a tripod effectively
8.Learn what 'tracking' and 'panning' are, and the basics of how to use these techniques

We will teach you the compositional side of videography giving you pointers on portraiture, landscapes, nature and fast action etc. Finding and using light, texture and colour. How to position people in your shots.

Say goodbye to the presets on your camera you will leave knowing how to manually operate your equipment and start making films like a pro.

We also have a follow-up Videography session available for students wanting to take their videography to the next level. This covers the very basics of 'Video editing' teaching you how to take all of your wonderfully shot footage, and turn it into a professional looking film!

10am till 3pm One on One Video Workshop - $550 individual, $650 for 2 people

Location - Auckland and Wellington

Auckland - Bookings available Monday to Sunday
Wellington - Bookings available Monday to Sunday
Please Contact Us to make a booking just tell us what date works for you and we can arrange

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