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Specialist Photography Workshops


Real Estate Photography Workshop

Product Photography Workshop

Food Photography Workshop

Landscape Photography Workshop

What makes our Workshops Different

We believe in first class instruction, all our photography workshops are run by Professional Photographers who teach you how to use your camera and the necessary lighting equipment. We are experienced with most makes of camera's and will try our up most to teach you how to operate and use yours.

We will never sit you in front of a power point presentation and bore you. We will identify your requirements and get you up to speed with the type of photography you need to be doing, and how to achieve it with your equipment and minimum outlay.

We are here to inspire and help you achieve your goals

* We recommend that you do a 3 hour One on One session first if you do not know how to operate your camera in the manual mode or attend a Beginner and Intermediate Photography Workshop so that you are up to speed
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Three Little Wishes Photography is a collection of passionate photographers who want to share their expertise. To teach and inspire all levels of amateur photographer to pick up their camera's and start experimenting and taking pictures which exceed their expectations. Read more