One Week - Intensive Photographic Training

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Intensive Photographic Training

Instructors - Robbie Peters

Destination - Auckland

  1. DSLR camera or Mirrorless Only ( Compact digital camera's are not suitable for this course)
  2. Camera, Lens, Flash (available for hire free of charge please advise when booking)
  3. Tripod ( available for hire )
  4. Filters - ND filter( 9 or 10 stop) we have a limited number of filters available for sharing
  5. Memory cards ++
  6. Fully charges batteries
  7. Comfortable shoes
  8. Please dress for the weather.
  9. Lots of energy
This intensive Photography Course runs for 5 days and is designed for the student who wants to learn to about their equipment and how to create stunning photographic work. Ideal for anyone looking to work in photography or generally just improve the quality of their photographs quickly.

This week long immersion course will take you from the basics and teach you how to cope with every situation. So whether you are taking a portrait of a family or wanting the capture the playful puppy, we will teach you the principles so that you can apply to every scenario.

Prepare for a week of living and breathing Photography


Day One - Tuesday
Beginners Photography Level One
Learn about:
  1. DLSR camera functions
  2. Setting up camera
  3. ISO
  4. Shutter Speed
  5. File formats ( jpgs and Raw)
  6. Manual settings
  7. Composition
  8. Working with natural light
Day Two -Wednesday
Beginners Photography Workshop Level Two

Learn About:
  1. Aperture (AV mode)
  2. Shutter speeds (S or TV mode)
  3. Manual Mode
  4. Presets
  5. Depth of field
  6. White balance
  7. Metering mode
  8. Composition
  9. Use of light
  10. Fill Flash
  11. Motion ( freezing,Blurring and Panning)
  12. Advice on equipment
Day Three -Thursday
Intermediate/Advanced Workshop - Level Three
Learn About:
  1. Advanced Composition
  2. Flash
  3. Lenses - Focal lengths,Prime and Zoom lenses
  4. Camera settings and commands- Custom settings and picture styles
  5. Camera information- Sensor sizes, general care and maintenance of equipment etc
  6. Advanced Focusing Techniques
  7. Exposure - Exposure bracketing
  8. White balance
  9. Histograms
  10. Filters 
  11. Picture styles - Colour, Black & White,Sepia etc
Day Three - Thursday
Evening Photography Workshop - Group Workshop
Learn About:
  1. DSLR Camera Functions
  2. Shutter speeds - long exposures
  3. Compositions
  4. White balance
  5. Use of light
  6. Operation of flash units
  7. Panning
  8. City Landscapes
  9. Capturing movement, zooming and star bursts
  10. Painting with light
Day Four - Friday
Landscape/Macro Workshop
Learn About:
  1. Lenses - What lenses to use
  2. Advice on equipment
  3. Working with natural light
  4. Camera settings
  5. Composition
  6. Use of flash
  7. Filters
  8. Macro equipment
  9. Macro lighting techniques- natural and artificial
Day Five - Saturday - Group Workshop
Flash Photography Workshop
Learn About
  1. Camera functions
  2. Flash function- Auto /Manual
  3. White balance
  4. Use of light - quality and direction
  5. Soft Boxes and reflectors
  6. Best lenses to use
  7. Composition
  8. How to position your model/products
  9. How to create a mini studio in your home
Our workshops also have the luxury of a selection of Canon camera bodies and lenses for you to borrow, so whether you are looking to upgrade your equipment or just wish to see what another lens could do for your photography come along and have a play. If you wish to borrow a camera for the day please check availability when booking. We also have a limited number of tripods and flash units which can also be hired please make your request at the time of booking to avoid disappointment.

The group size -  maximum of 4 students

Price $1450

Whats included - Camera and lens free to hire- please request at time of booking

Dates for Intensive Week

Tuesday 13th May - Saturday 18th May 2024
Tuesday 18th June - Saturday 22nd June 2024
Tuesday 16th July- Saturday 20th July 2024

Please note our calendar has a technical booking issue for this workshop.
If you have any problems please email to register for your booking and we will book you in.

When booking this course please make sure you are available for all of the dates as it is not possible to refund.
These workshops proceed regardless of the weather however the Evening workshop can be subject to cancellation and a new date will be issued .

Please note this workshop is weather dependent and will not proceed if we feel the weather is not suitable and you will be transferred to the next available date

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Location - Auckland

Start Date Tuesday
Finish Date - Saturday 

Workshop Time 10am till 3pm Tuesday - Saturday. Thursday Evening 8pm- 10.30pm

Meeting Point - Tuesday - Entrance Auckland Gallery
                           Wednesday - Entrance Auckland Art Gallery
                           Thursday - Auckland Auckland Art Gallery
                           Thursday Evening - Westhaven Marina
                           Friday - Muriwai
                           Saturday - Photogear- Ponsonby

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The voucher is valid for 12 months and can be used to book a Photography Workshop at Beginner or Intermediate Level ($185). On the other hand they may be a bit more advanced and may like a Studio Flash Workshop. If you have a slightly smaller budget then you may like to choose a Night Photography Workshops for the great price of only $99

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Disclaimer- Three Little Wishes Ltd accepts no responsibility for the damage to equipment or persons on this workshop and attendance is at your own risk.
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