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Real Estate Photography

We provide a comprehensive range of real estate packages for Auckland real estate agents and private sellers

Our photographers are trained to capture a property’s architectural and design highlights.

Our sales and marketing experience means that we know what your client needs to showcase their property in order to sell and achieve the best price.

Our photographers maximize the use of natural and artificial light bringing the images to life so that daylight photographs are punchy and bright and dusk photography is atmospheric giving the all important wow factor that encourages buyers to view.

We provide a full service from the Initial Consultation through to post production to ensure your satisfaction. Our processing department is experienced in photoshop and image retouching, so that all of your images will be colour corrected and optimally enhanced. If it’s a dull day we will add a bright blue sky to ensure that our marketing material stands out.

We follow the trends and will advise our clients as to the best way that the property can be seen through the lens, attention to detail is paramount to achieve a stunning result.

The following services are available both to Realtors and Private Sellers


Standard Package (20 images) $280 plus GST

  • This package is designed for a standard family house of between 3‐4 bedrooms, and features a selection of both internal and external images.
  • Full post production included.
  • Images supplied at full resolution on a CD for both client and vendor.


Deluxe Package (30 Images) $380 plus GST

  • This package is designed for a large family house of between 4-6 bedrooms and features a selection of both Internal and External images.
  • Full post production included
  • Images supplied at full resolution on a CD for both client and vendor.

Dusk Photography (8 images) $200 plus GST

  • This package is designed as an add on to the Delux or Standard package.
  • Designed to give that extra Wow factor, especially if you have a well lit garden or pool area.
  • Full post production included
  • Images supplied at full resolution on a CD for both client and vendor

Accommodation Photography – POA

  • Maximize your bookings and stand out from the rest.
  • We can photograph your holiday resort, bed & breakfast or hotel giving your website the WOW factor.
  • Increase the interest and the bookings, speak to us today and truly communicate all that you have to offer.

Aerial Photography

If you have a property or piece of land that you want to have seen at its best, then perhaps a little elevation is what you need. We will fly to 400ft and take a variety of images that will showcase the property or land that you wish to sell.
  • Its fast quick and easy and at a price which is affordable
  • Choose the package that best suits your property
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