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We have created Three Wishes Media for all of your videography needs.


Smart Phone Videography

Instructor- Robby Peters


  1. Any iOS device(iPhone, iPad) and Android (Samsung etc)
  2. Fully charged smartphone
  3. If you have an older phone with a short battery life we recommend you bring an external powermac charger
  4. No prior knowledge of photography or videography required

Why do this workshop

This Videography smartphone workshop teaches you how to take great commercial quality video at a low cost adding value to your business.
We will create a bespoke workshop around the equipment you have, your level of expertise and how you are wanting to match your product with your audience.
So whether you are see yourself as a social influencer, vlogger or business owner we can help you create video reels that make you stand way ahead of the competition


This 'Hands On' practical workshop will teach you how to get the best from your smartphone.

Morning Session
The morning session will concentrate on teaching the practical side of handling your smartphone and learning the functionality. We suggest a third party app which can be downloaded free of charge which will allow full manual control of all the features.

Afternoon session:
The afternoon session will look at creating a short video clip, so anything from a street scene to recording an interview.

Pdf notes to support the practical course content are included several days after the workshop.

Learn About
  1. Videography basics
  2. Shutter angle/motion blur
  3. Slow motion
  4. Focus/focus pulling
  5. Movement
  6. Composition
  7. Lighting
  8. Audio
  9. Shooting Interviews
  10. Accessories - Apps, lenses, tripods, gimbals etc


 $550 plus GST - 1 student


Days- Monday to Sunday
Time -10am till 3pm
Call Debbie on 027 276 0809 to discuss and make a booking


Coming soon .....
SmartPhone Video editing and Social media distribution 




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