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Andrea Pilkington Auckland June 2018
I recently attended your beginner workshop on Sat 16th June, and had a great day with Mark & Simone. It was a big refresher for me having studied photography at United a very long time ago !  and I learnt so much that day - so please pass on my thanks

Poko Daniels -One on One Wellington June 2018
Been meaning to revert back to you in regards to my one on one with Graeme over a week ago.

Just want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for hooking me up with Graeme in which I learnt so much of him.

I had an amazing time soaking up all his expertise in explaining to me what I really wanted to learn about.

Since then I have gone on to improve immensely in getting the right shots for my needs.

I will endeavor to spread the word around about “Three Little Wishes” for anyone looking to learn more about photography.

Susan Gutman July 2017

Good Morning - I just wanted to thank you very much for the workshop I did yesterday with Simone.  She was just lovely - very relaxed and very knowledgeable.  I went into the day very nervous as I knew only how to turn the camera on and use the auto setting (I usually use a smaller point and click) but I came away with an understanding of the ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings and know my way around the camera now !

Patricia Wischmann July 2017
Please thank Simone for a fantastic day.  I feel as if I have learnt so much, in such a short amount of time, with the knowledge passed on.  It’s fantastic.  Thank-you.
I’d love to share some of my favourites for the day, so please find them attached below, and I shall be in touch soon, for the Advanced Class.
Many Thanks,

Shelley Ashcroft April 2017
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Simone for accommodating Kenya today.  She loved it and learnt lots.  Came home buzzing.
Thanks a lot

Diana - Wedding Photography, Flash, One on One tuition May 2015

I just thought I'd drop you a quick email as I just finished editing photos from my second wedding since the one-one tuition with Mark and I was thinking how much I benefited from the course. I felt so much more confident with the flash and am so happy with the outcome, so please pass on my thanks for sharing so many tips with me!
Here are couple of shots I'm particularly pleased with, and knowing how to use the flash better pretty much saved my life. :-)

Martin- Evening Photography Workshop - May 2015
Thanks to you guys for a wonderful evening ( last night ) doing night time photography. Good teachers and good fun. I put some of last nights pics on my FB page if you want to look

Gemma - Beginner's Photography Workshop April 2015
Thank you Mark, Ryan and Three little wishes for the amazing Intermediate and Flash courses! I cant wait for the advanced!
Gemma x

Susanne - Intermediate Workshop - May 2015
I attended the intermediate workshop on Sunday and wanted to say a massive thank you and let you know how amazing I found the course. Mark was thorough, clear, enthusiastic and a walking google of all things photography. I learnt not only how to more effectively use my camera for work and in general, I learnt the principles behind the basics, which really deepened my knowledge and as an added bonus, the beauty of a lens I had been given, and had fun with, but not properly appreciated its use (prime lens). A whole new world has been opened to me! I also picked up some amazing ideas for more creative uses. I have already been using my newly found skills and look forward to building on them and doing some further Three Little Wishes training down the track

Chris - Evening Photography Workshop - March 2015
Thanks Guys for a great night with City scrapes and not to forget Painting with light.Had a lot of fun .Looking forward to enrolling in your Wedding shot day course you can never stop learning
Thanks again 10 out of 10

Sarah - Wish Project Student February 2015
My recent Advanced Photography Workshop marks the end of my mentorship program with Three Little Wishes. It was such a wonderful experience that I was very lucky to have been able to have done, and has given me valuable photography skills that will help me throughout the rest of my hopefully future career. I loved being able to learn in such a friendly environment, and the compactness of the lessons, followed by the immediate opportunity to practice, made it easier and quicker to learn. Thank you so much Three Little Wishes for this amazing opportunity!

Jo- One on One Tuition - Dunedin Oct 2014
Hi Debbie – just wanted to say a  BIG THANK YOU for all your help and time on Friday – I really enjoyed the day and couldn’t wait to put things into practice!  On one hand I should have waited till I had a house to go through with you, as I reckon I still need a bit of help with the lighting, but on the other hand it was great timing as I was called to a job on the Monday!  So I was able to put some of the things I learned into practice – talk about jumping in with both feet first!  I would have been too overwhelmed if I hadn’t spent the day with you so thanks again.
 So later today I am processing those photos to see which ones I have to repeat/improve next time.  (luckily they are not in a rush)  A mixed blessing was that my tripod tipped up and my sb600 broke, so I’ve had to get a new one – a 910 just arrived yesterday.   Whooohhooo.  The 600 was not very powerful I have discovered.  I also, funny moment, discovered that light doesn’t bounce off a wood ceiling – lol, should have been obvious! 
 One thing I did find, and it probably has something to do with how I have my camera set up ?, but many times I couldn’t get it to focus and/or meter on the windows. But luckily, you showed me how to adjust the metering so I was able to adjust manually. 

 Lucia - Beginner's Workshop August 2014
Thank you for an excellent run workshop. Mark was great! I learnt so much and hope to attend more. Your constant follow up with information was very much appreciated as I tend to get too busy and sometimes forget important details. I can highly recommend Three Little Wishes company to anyone wanting to get to know their camera

Christine - Flash Photography Workshop May 2014
 "I have just completed the beginners and intermediate photoshop workshops held by you. I was so impressed with the venue and studio, the friendly team, fantastic tutor ( Mark ) and not to mention the lovely pot of tea and biscuits. I would highly recommend this course as I came away with so much knowledge on photoshop that I wished I had learnt a long time ago instead of doing everything the hard way. Mark was so patient with us all. Thank you so much - well worth it."

Kay - Photoshop Workshop - March 2014
 "I am so glad I decided to do the adobe photoshop course, it was fantastic thank you so much! I have had so much fun the last couple of days playing around with all my photos! Hopefully see you for the advanced photography course next!!!!"

Rogan - Evening Photography Workshops Feb 2014
I headed out on the 23rd for a night photography lesson conducted by the good people at Three Little Wishes Photography.  I have already been on a couple of courses with them previously and their friendly and relaxed style of tutoring aspiring photogs like myself suited me down to a tee so it was a no brainer to get involved in a night class when the opportunity came about.
This was a really enjoyable class with lots of great information.  It helped me really solidify what I knew about night shooting and really opened up my eyes to an array of possibilities that flash can introduce to this style of photography.  Three Little Wishes really know how to conduct a workshop, it is always fun and delivered in a friendly environment that helps you get the best out of your gear.  If you are in Auckland I recommend checking out their classes, I will be back for more.

Natalie -COATS DESIGN, Grey Lynn
We all thoroughly enjoyed the instruction. Mark was fantastic and a wonderful teacher. Completely exceeded our expectations.
Thank you so much. Thank you also for the offer of follow up, which I am sure we will need as there was so much information to take in!

Product Photography Workshop - August 2013
Jaime - Swazi Apparel, Levin
With an all new team and zero photography experience between us it was with some trepidation that we googled for and booked a Product Photography course.  We could not have chosen a better company to provide the training!  Deborah was exceptionally helpful and made sure I felt 100% comfortable that we were going to get the training we required.  Three Little Wishes tailored the training to include not only photography with the limited resources we had available, but also photo editing within Photoshop.  The training was superb and we feel confident that we are now able to do our product justice.  Thanks so much!

Cheryl Stone - Personal Assistant to Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs BATNZ - from 2012 and ongoing
I have chosen Three Little Wishes as our preferred supplier for photography on the basis that every shoot has been a huge success and exceeded our expectation. All our photoshoots have been totally relaxed and the finished product has been absolute first class quality. I would highly recommend Deborah to any client wanting to use the best in the business!”

Product Photography - Pacific Harvest 2012
Our experience working with Three Little Wishes has been fantastic. Debbie is very professional and talented.  Her Compositions are very creative and capture the atmosphere that is consistent with the image we are trying to portray.  In all her dealings she has exhibited a positive win win attitude.

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