In-House Photography Training

In-House Photography Training

Customised and tailored photography training for your business

Having your own team onsite and trained means a photograph can be taken and loaded onto your website within hours rather than days or weeks.

Never under estimate the value of a good image, top quality photographs shows professionalism and instil trust about the company and the products.
Never forget your website is a shop window and if the products don’t look good the potential client will quickly leave your website.

Let us train your staff to take high quality images for your business and increase your sales and bottom line.

Instructor  Mark Ryan, Robbie Peters

  1. A good basic knowledge of your camera ( if you cannot operate your camera in Manual mode, we recommend a Beginner's workshop or a 3 hour One on One session prior to this class)
  2. DSLR Camera 
  3. Flash (essential) hire available
  4. Tripod ( essential) hire available
  5. Plenty of memory card space
  6. Laptop with post processing software ( optional)
This one day workshop is tailored for your experience level and specific needs.
We will show you how to light effectively, choose backgrounds that enhance the products and how to shoot the best angles.
Whether you are trying to get that diamond ring to sparkle or make that motorbike glisten we will show you how to do it simply and cost effectively.
(Please note to get the most out of this workshop it is essential that you have an understanding of how to use the camera in manual. If this needs to be taught first, the day can either be extended or a separate session arranged)

During this time we cover
  1. A quick DSLR refresher on settings
  2. Depth of field
  3. Focusing
  4. Metering
  5. White balance
  6. Composition
  7. Product placement
  8. Use of light and reflectors
  9. Operation of flash and triggers
  10. Simple post processing
  11. Image size and resolution
  12. Advice on equipment - This can literally save you $1,000's
  13. Help on studio set up - Simple and easy set ups
  14. Please note we have equipment you can try from camera's to lenses. As well as studio lighting and reflectors. This means you can try before you buy and avoid expensive mistakes.
Our objective is to get your product photography back in house.
We can evaluate your business photographic needs and advise on equipment and set up.
We have worked with both large and small NZ companies who have busy websites, teaching them how to photograph and get those products on line quickly
In the last few years Videography has also been requested and can be included in your training but on a separate session along with post processing.

Cost -
One on One Tuition
Full Day - $550 ( 10am -3pm )
Our prices include travel within Auckland, if you are not in the Auckland area we can give you a separate quote.

Share a Session with a colleague
Full day One on One tuition for two
Full Day for two $650 (10am- 3pm)

Small Group Booking
We do cater for small groups during the week, with a maximum number of 4 persons
Full Day for four $950 (10am -3pm)

Further Information
These workshops are created around what you need to know and photograph as a company. So whatever your line of business large or small we will put together a photography teaching session which covers your requirements.
For more information contact us via email

Workshops available Monday- Sunday
Please contact us with your preferred date

Location- We come to you. However if you are outside of the Auckland CBD then a mileage rate may be charged.

Equipment for hire
Please note if required we can supply Camera's, lenses and Flash free of charge.
We work In Association with Canon so carry products for you to try.
However we teach and work with every make and model of camera and do carry some compatible Flashes for Nikon

  • Time & Location
  • Dates & Booking
  • Special Offers
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Clickapix
Location - Your place of work, no travel charges if within the Auckland Area

Time - Full day 10am till 3pm

Equipment - Camera, Tripod, lenses, flash
However we carry a portable Studio lighting system, tripods, flash as well as a selection of Canon camera's and lenses that can be borrowed enabling you to have the benefit of trying the equipment you will need.


Please contact the office to discuss
We run these One on One sessions between Monday to Friday
Full Day 10am till 3pm
We currently have no special offers in this category...sorry
No Gift Vouchers currently available for this specialist Class
What is Clickapix
Clickapix is a basic guide for photographers who have a DSLR camera or Compact Digital with manual settings. It has been designed for easy access to technical information when you are out and about.
It will recommend the ISO, the Aperture and the shutter speeds that would be suitable for the subject you are taking.

Who is it for
Created for anyone who would like a reminder about optimum camera settings at the click of a button
One of the most common questions we are asked by our students is
                        "What setting do I put my camera on to take a picture like that?"

How does it work
Choose the type of picture you are want to take.
Scroll through the different styles of photograph:
Portraiture, Scenery, Sports, Nature, Night and Flash
Choose the examples that match your requirements. Clickapix then gives you a range of settings based on the lens, the lighting conditions and what it is you are wanting to photograph

Quick and Easy
Remember it is only a guide, there are very many variables but it will get you on the right track. Photography is about capturing moments in time creatively, making images that make people smile. However technical expertise is needed too and this might just solve your problems

So how do I purchase
If you have an iPhone or iPad just go to the iPhone App Store BUY NOW

We hope this simple guide helps you capture amazing images
Please read our cancellations policy

Disclaimer- Three Little Wishes Ltd accepts no responsibility for the damage to equipment or persons on this workshop and attendance is at your own risk.
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