Kids Photo Workshop

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Instructor - Simone Barr

  1. A good basic knowledge of your camera in manual mode
  2. We recommend a DSLR camera or Mirrorless camera
  3. Lenses - Portrait lens - 70mm -200mm, 24-70mm, 85mm. Canon lenses are available for hire please Contact us 
  4. Memory cards
  5. Fully charged battery
  6. Flash
  7. Canon Camera bodies and lenses available for hire free of charge, we have limited numbers so if you wish to hire please Contact us
  8. Patience
  9. A sense of fun and quite a lot of imagination

Join Simone Barr for a unique photographic experience designed to teach you how to take stunning photographs of babies and children. She will pass on her skills as a children's photographer so that you can learn how to capture these little people in a home environment
The morning session - Our young baby model will give you a hands on opportunity to learn how to work in a soothing and naturally lit environment. Tips on posing and composition and taking your images from snaps to something very special
The afternoon session - Our models will be slightly older and therefore a lot more active. Working with both natural light and flash, we will be creating a magical environment that will engage these little people. Its all about capturing treasured candid moments, beautiful smiles and sparkly eyes.

Workshop size - This workshop is limited to 4 students only

During this time we cover :
  1. Composition
  2. How to capture the simple beauty of childhood
  3. Working with natural light
  4. Working with flash
  5. Posing and props
  6. How to engage with your wee models
  7. Camera settings and lenses
  8. Fast shutter speeds
  9. Depth of field
  10. Advice on what equipment to buy

Price - $450 includes lunch
           Please be aware that due to the nature of this workshop and our models being very young it may be subject to 
           alterations on the day.

If you are interested in this workshop then please let us know, we are currently working on dates for 2017

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Location - Paremoremo, Auckland

Workshop - 10am until 4pm

Meeting point - The Classroom, 104 Attwood Road, Paremoremo, Auckland

Coffee - Included

Lunch - A light lunch will be served

Parking - Free parking on site

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Disclaimer- Three Little Wishes Ltd accepts no responsibility for the damage to equipment or persons on this workshop and attendance is at your own risk.
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