Macro Photo Workshop

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Instructors - Mark Ryan

  1. A good basic knowledge of your camera
  2. We recommend a DSLR camera or Mirrorless camera
  3. Flash recommended ( not essential)
  4. Lenses
  5. Laptop loaded with Photoshop
  6. Memory cards
  7. Fully charges batteries
  8. Lots of energy
  9. Comfortable shoes
  10. Open to all age groups
  11. Canon Camera bodies and lenses available for hire free of charge, we have a limited number so if you wish to hire for the day please let us know


Join us for a day and discover how to capture the secrets of the tiny world around you. You will learn how to use the features on your camera for eye catching close-ups, what lenses to use, simple lighting techniques and how good composition can transform your shots.
We will take you on a Macro nature trail through the native bush. With guidance of our tutors you will learn to take sharp, creative and close up images as well as picking up skills and tips from our professionals.

During this time we cover
  1. Macro equipment
  2. Macro Lighting techniques - Natural and artificial
  3. Camera settings
  4. Composition
  5. Advice on what equipment to purchase

Price - $250 

No Macro workshops during the winter months

* Please note this workshop is seasonal so please make sure you can make the available date as no refund can be given. However it is transferable to another workshop of the same value. ( Please note this workshop is weather dependent and will not proceed if we feel the weather is not suitable and you will be transferred to the next available date)

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Location - Macro nature trail through Bush and Gardens

Workshop - 10am until 3pm

Location- Under review

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What is Clickapix
Clickapix is a basic guide for photographers who have a DSLR camera or Compact Digital with manual settings. It has been designed for easy access to technical information when you are out and about.
It will recommend the ISO, the Aperture and the shutter speeds that would be suitable for the subject you are taking.

Who is it for
Created for anyone who would like a reminder about optimum camera settings at the click of a button
One of the most common questions we are asked by our students is
                        "What setting do I put my camera on to take a picture like that?"

How does it work
Choose the type of picture you are want to take.
Scroll through the different styles of photograph:
Portraiture, Scenery, Sports, Nature, Night and Flash
Choose the examples that match your requirements. Clickapix then gives you a range of settings based on the lens, the lighting conditions and what it is you are wanting to photograph

Quick and Easy
Remember it is only a guide, there are very many variables but it will get you on the right track. Photography is about capturing moments in time creatively, making images that make people smile. However technical expertise is needed too and this might just solve your problems

So how do I purchase
If you have an iPhone or iPad just go to the iPhone App Store BUY NOW

We hope this simple guide helps you capture amazing images

Please read our cancellations policy

Disclaimer- Three Little Wishes Ltd accepts no responsibility for the damage to equipment or persons on this workshop and attendance is at your own risk.
Please read our cancellations policy

Disclaimer- Three Little Wishes Ltd accepts no responsibility for the damage to equipment or persons on this workshop and attendance is at your own risk.
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