AKL The Complete Practical Photography Course

The Complete Photography Course

Instructors - Mark Ryan, Karl Howe
Location - Auckland only

  1. No prior photography knowledge
  2. A digital DSLR camera or Mirrorless - (DSLR available for hire)*
  3. Flash and tripod - (available for hire)*
  4.  Enthusiasm and desire to learn

We have designed a practical Hands On Photography Course which will equip you with the knowledge to become a great photographer. Our unique selection of workshops cover the basics and give you the opportunity to grow in this fascinating world of creativity.
So whether you want to take your hobby to the next level or you dream of becoming a professional photographer  we can help.

These courses are self paced and we recommend a time frame of 6 months to complete all of the workshops however this can be extended if you wish.
Time is precious and our workshops are designed around your busy life so are not at the end of the day when you are tired (with the exception of the Night Workshop). They run at weekends and each Workshop takes One day to complete so the emphasis is on getting you up to speed quickly while having fun
We are committed to you achieving your goals and if at any point you don't understand a workshop or need a refresher you can retake the class free of charge.
Further more our tutors are on hand for support throughout your time with us

How do I plan my Workshop Program
Once you have paid for the program you wish to follow, we send through a set of unique codes. This then allows you to go through the calendar and choose the workshops you wish to attend.
Our Beginner and Intermediate Workshops run practically every weekend in Auckland, the Evening Workshop every other Thursday and our Flash and Advanced workshops approx every 4 weeks. Photoshop tuition can be taken at any point after the completion of the Beginner and Intermediate Photography Workshop. The specialist workshops we recommend at the end of the training so that you are equipped with all of the camera skills

Workshop Overview
Our workshops have a great student to tutor ratio and never exceeds 7 students to one tutor. Therefore allowing plenty of One on One time. However the Flash and Advanced have a maximum of 8 students to 2 tutors and our Real Estate and Wedding Workshops are even smaller numbers. The Photoshop  Workshop is the only One on One session that we offer on the program. However should you require more intensive training in a particular aspect of photography we can provide this

Do you supply course notes.
Our Beginner and Intermediate Workshops are supported with comprehensive PDF's which you can download from the website and we also provide a 700 page document on Photoshop which is available upon request. We do suggest that you take notes if required during our other workshops. However we are always happy to supply written answers to anything you may have forgotten after a class.

Course Certificate
A certificate will be presented at the end of the program by Three Little Wishes Photography Workshops tutors which will record the Workshops completed

Workshop Combo Programs

The programs have been designed for the specific needs of the individual student. You may be looking to expand your camera knowledge and pursue your hobby so the Bronze Program would be ideal. Alternatively you may be looking for a career change and need to practice your Photography and build a portfolio of images so the Gold Program would be perfect.

Bronze Program
Now $699 ( RRP $904)

This program includes the following Group Workshops :
Click Here to purchase. We will then send you through your unique codes for booking
Silver Program
Now $899 (RRP $1204)

This program includes the following Group Workshops :
  • Beginner Photography Workshop
  • Intermediate Photography Workshop
  • Evening Photography Workshop
  • Flash Photography Workshop
  • Advanced Photography Workshop
  • Photoshop One on One tuition 3 hour session
  • PDF's
  • Email support
  • Critique available upon request
  • 500 page Photoshop guide

Click Here to purchase. We will then sent you through your unique codes for booking your Workshop

Gold Program
Now $1700 (RRP $2104)
This program includes the following Group Workshops : We often receive requests from the general public for our students to photograph anything from Events to Weddings. This is great experience and usually a small payment is made by the client. You would be given priority for such work.

Click Here to purchase. We will then send you through your unique codes for booking

Covid-19 Update
TLW GOLDEN RULES for a Workshop
1. Wear a mask
2. Keep a 1 metre distance from others.
3. Please stay at home if you are not well

We thank all our students for their patience and we look forward to welcoming you back soon
Deborah Foreman - Director TLW

Please read our cancellations policy

Disclaimer- Three Little Wishes Ltd accepts no responsibility for the damage to equipment or persons on this workshop and attendance is at your own risk.
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