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The Wish Project

Do you have a passion for Photography?

Three Little Wishes Photography workshops is committed to inspiring young people to pick up a camera and get creative. We started running Photography Workshops 4 years ago, and along the way we have met some remarkable amateur photographers. We want to continue this trend by making our workshops accessible to as many people as possible and to nurture future ambitions.

So how can we help you?

Every year we invite 1 student between the ages of 12 and 16 to join our 4 month "Wish Project" mentoring program.
We are looking for young people who have a passion for photography and want to learn more about this fascinating art form under the guidance of our experienced tutors.
The successful students will join us for a series of workshops which will provide hands on tuition in a relaxed and fun learning environment. During this time you will learn how to use a DSLR camera, create stunning compositional work and have an insight into the world of a photographer.

The Program
We have two intakes a year
The workshops are run over a number of weekends during the 4 month program, and your commitment will be two workshops a month between the hours of 10am and 3pm.
Assignments will be set for each workshop so that your work can be reviewed and we can help you learn and grow as a photographer.

What will you learn?

We teach you how to use your digital camera to its full potential and to unlock your skills and talent
The workshops are practical and not based in a classroom and you will be expected to join in with the group activities and commit to series of assignments on a number of topics from Portraiture to Landscape.
Our Beginner and Intermediate pages will give you an idea of what is covered although this student program differs as the sessions will vary on length.

What do you need?
  • DSLR camera with a couple of lenses, as you progress through the program you will also need a flash unit. However we work In Association with Canon and can lend you a DSLR Camera plus lenses free of charge.
  • Access to a computer so that you can upload images and submit your project work, as well as permission to use Facebook from a parent or guardian.
  • A parent of guardian must be available to accompany you on some of the workshops that are full days.

So what to do next?

If you have the commitment and would like this opportunity to be part of "The Wish Project" then contact us by email telling us about your passion and why we should consider you.
We also require 6 of your best photographs that showcase your work.
Please also include your date of birth and address. We will also need parental consent, so a letter from your parent or guardian is essential.

Your commitment to us
There is no charge to the successful applicant, this 4 month mentoring and teaching project will be awarded to the students who we feel will give their time and energy to the program.
All we ask is that you are fully committed to the schedule and share your experience with your friends and family and enjoy this great opportunity

Good Luck

The Team at Three Little Wishes Photography Workshops

Next intake
Our next intake of students will be in May and we have started taking entries NOW
Please read our cancellations policy

Disclaimer- Three Little Wishes Ltd accepts no responsibility for the damage to equipment or persons on this workshop and attendance is at your own risk.
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Three Little Wishes Photography is a collection of passionate photographers who want to share their expertise. To teach and inspire all levels of amateur photographer to pick up their camera's and start experimenting and taking pictures which exceed their expectations. Read more