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Beginner's Photography Workshop - Saturday One Day Workshop
Recommended for anyone with a DSLR camera or digital compact ( with manual settings) If you enjoy taking photographs but have always stayed on your camera's automatic settings then this class is for you. We will show you how to navigate your way around the camera, understand what the buttons do and how to use them. You may have taken photographs for years or you may have recently purchased your camera. This course will teach you the basics.

Intermediate Photography Workshop - Sunday One Day Workshop
Recommended for DSLR or Mirror less camera's only. This workshop is the perfect lead on from our Beginner's class. During this class we take a more in depth look into what the camera does increasing your technical knowledge and compositional expertise.
You must be able to use your camera in the manual mode to attend this class. Digital Compact camera's are not suitable for this course. If you are unsure about the suitability of your camera please contact us

Evening Workshop - Every other Thursday
Recommended for DSLR or Mirror less camera's only
Taking photographs at night is great fun but it requires practice and experience. Learn how to take a good landscape/cityscape images after dark. Get creative and learn how to do light trails and our very popular painting with light
This workshop is designed to teach you what you need to know when heading out to photograph the world at night whilst having heaps of fun with like minded people.

Advanced Photography Workshop - Sunday One Day Workshop
Recommended for DSLR and Mirror less camera only
Ideally you should have attended our Intermediate workshop and must proficient in handling your camera and operating in manual. This workshop is about introducing you to ways of improving your imagery, showing you how to successfully use reflectors and filters amongst other things.

Flash Photography Workshop
This workshop is designed to teach you how to use off camera flash units and studio lighting. It assumes a basic level of proficiency in digital camera handling and technique and ideally you should have completed our Beginners and Intermediate workshops (although not essential)

One on One Photography Tuition - Monday to Sunday
Available in Auckland
Private tuition for any level, this is a good way to fast track your knowledge as the day is geared around your equipment and what you need to know.

The Complete Practical Photography Course
We have designed a practical Hands On Photography Course which will equip you with the knowledge to become a great photographer. Our unique selection of workshops cover the basics and give you the opportunity to grow in this fascinating world of creativity. Let us give you the opportunity to become a professional photographer

Videography - Monday to Sunday
Recommended for DSLR camera's and handheld video cam
If you have a camera with video function and you are struggling with the settings then we will teach you how to use and understand them. Learn how to take a perfect video and record your favourite moments in life. If you want to explore further then we can teach you how to turn your footage into awesome short films. So if you are looking to create promotional video's we can help

Smart Phone Videography - Monday to Sunday
Whether you are a social influencer, Vlogger or small business owner. Good quality videos are what you need to be making. We will teach you in 5 hours just how to make videos that stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate Photography Workshop
The aim of this workshop is to teach you how to take great architectural images.
So whether you are a real estate agent wanting to take your own imagery or you are looking to work in the field of Real Estate Photography we will teach you how to take images that jump of the page and say "Buy Me"

Landscape Photography Workshop
How often do you take a landscape and it falls short of how you remember it. This One Day Workshop will help bridge the gap between what you see and the image you capture. We will guide you through key aspects and techniques used in landscape photography teaching you about light, composition, equipment and what makes a good location

Food Photography Workshop
Discover the world of Food Photography, learn how to light and photograph food
Whether you are a Food Blogger, looking to take up a new career in Food Photography or its just for pleasure, we will show you how to present food and make it leap of the picture and say Eat Me.
Book a One on One session or organise a couple of friends to take the workshop with you and we will come to you and show you how to create stunning imagery


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